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Money Talks

While many of you may be passed the era where you have to educate your children on the value of money. For many others, this article which is full of suggestions may just come at the right time. How to explain the … Continue reading

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Cynthia Hoisak

There’s an obvious Middle Eastern feel to Cynthia Hoisak’s Blackburn Hamlet home. On the outside, the house blends easily into the leafy, suburban neighbourhood. But on the inside, the living area is full of reminders that Hoisak and her husband … Continue reading

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Holy Toxic Waste Even

This will be the first of our ‘Bare All’ articles. No, there will be no tell all about my previous sordid relationships or how my sweet little daughter puked all over the back seat of my sports car as I’m trying to avoid impatient … Continue reading

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The Circle of Life

I think the phrase “The Circle of Life” first became vogue in Disney’s animated movie The Lion King. Well it doesn’t end with a cuddly lion cub growing into the King of all Beasts. Fact is it represents much of what Barb and … Continue reading

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Radiation Awareness

Much is being reported today as to how the Japanese nuclear crises is reaching our shores, but little is being done to report on what effect it all has on us as innocent bystanders. Health official say sensors in B.C. … Continue reading

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The Poison Pill of Resentment

I’m no Dr. Phil, but I felt the article I read in one of the weeklies has the ability to empower each of us: “Whether we like to admit it or not, it is normal for difficulties and challenges to … Continue reading

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Leaky, leaky.

While it is our intent not to delve too deeply into ‘fix-it’ remedies for your home, we felt the matter of water leaks deserved a degree of recognition. It is time to check for those pesky breaks in water lines that result from uninsulated … Continue reading

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