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A Chic Dog House

Have you ever been in the dog-house, so to speak. Well try and picture “Man’s Best Friend” and some of the less than hospitable domains that he or she has been forced to endure. Now consider the following YouTube. reading

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Add Social Media as a Friend

Back when I started Neat Freak Cleaning Services, social media meant having a drink with members of the press. Oh my, how times have changed. Now it seems that if you don’t have a profile on Facebook or a following … Continue reading

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20 Least Stressful Jobs in Canada

When you get to my age and start looking back over the career choices I made, I begin to ponder just how much better I may have survived with a little more planning and a different choice in careers. While statistics never … Continue reading

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Mike Holmes Has an Idea

A while ago I wrote a column about solar leasing on residential rooftops. These leasing programs allow homeowners to lease out their rooftops for solar panels. The panels are paid for by the energy provider — at little or no … Continue reading

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If you are looking for something out of the ordinary to nibble on, or to serve to your guests, give some serious thoughts to Hummus and Pita. It is an Arabic term and refers to a food common to much of … Continue reading

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Vancouver, Bubble or Bust

Anyone who’s been thinking about relocating to Vancouver — or anyone trying to find a place to live in B.C.‘s largest city — can’t help but wonder about local real estate prices. The current average price for a house in … Continue reading

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Is Honour Dead ?

The Un-comfort Zone with Robert Wilson Once upon a time people were motivated by honour. Acquiring it, maintaining it, defending it. Bitter duels were fought in its name. I don’t hear much talk about honour anymore. Could it be the concept … Continue reading

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