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Holy Housekeeping !

As owner and principal manager of Neat Freaks Cleaning, I’ve been welcomed into some pretty spiffy places, most of which well exceed my personal pocket-book, but this one definitely takes the cake and it comes with its own housekeeping quarters. The May … Continue reading

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Changes that Don’t Pay

If you’re getting ready to put your house on the market, you have my condolences. It’s no secret that the real estate market is extremely tough right now, particularly for sellers. Because the U.S. housing market is flooded with unsold … Continue reading

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Stigma is the effect that lingers after the cure. In real estate it can be something as simple as, “How clean is clean?” This refers to a property that, say, had an oil spill. The buyer may have full access … Continue reading

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Grey Water vs Black Water

I remember as a kid sewers were not available to the home where my father grew up and my grandparents still lived, as their home was well outside the city boundaries. A septic system with a tank and distribution lines represented their only solution. Rather than flood … Continue reading

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Debit Fees Going Up

Debit cards, a gleam in bankers’ eyes 30 years ago, have become the preferred method for people to tap their bank accounts, a free and easy alternative to paper checks, live tellers or cash machines. U.S. shoppers used them 37 … Continue reading

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I’m Lost for Words

It might be just more than a couple of feet tall, but Jean-Pierre Desmarais’ concept home of the future has been stopping people in their tracks. That was the response from many in attendance at the Cottage and Country Homes … Continue reading

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Fairy Tales do Come True

I was watching the royal wedding story of Prince William and Catherine the other night. It was indeed a heart warming event with many people watching not only on TV but on the internet as well. Many find themselves saying … Continue reading

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