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Daryl was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia and has worked as a Property Manager and Real Estate professional for the past twenty-six years. Daryl and Cheryl have are associated with the oldest established firm (1887) in Victoria, Pemberton Holmes. With a strong background in government policies and years of experience in land development, they bring experience to your needs that few of their peers can offer. Cheryl is Daryl's eldest daughter and offers the team over two decades of proven people skills coupled with a strong sense for the principals of negotiation. With strength in desktop publishing and marketing via Social Media, Cheryl excells in bringing to the team a broad knowledge of current technology. Loved by all those who make her acquaintence, you will find the team under Cheryl's stewardship a great choice to assist you in whatever your needs may be.

Do You Need a Break Today?

It’s amazing how life consumes us and we have so little time to relax. You work hard 9 – 5 each day then come home and have to think about meals, cleaning, the family and then before you know it, … Continue reading

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What Women Want

Women are taking over the world (at least my sister and I are. In the future I trust my two adult daughters will prove equal to the task). Did you know more 20 and 30 year-old women are graduating from … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

Well face up to it: Spring is just around the corner and if you are anything like every other individual, your home could likely use a wee bit of fleshing up. If that is the case and you are lacking … Continue reading

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A Resolution for a Day

Another year has rolled around and New Year’s resolutions are a hot topic. Whether you consider them an exercise in futility or a chance for self-improvement, consider setting some resolutions this year. Specific statistics are hard to pin down but … Continue reading

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Winter Tips

Fall is the perfect time to get your home ready for the coming winter, which can be the most gruelling season for your home. During winter months, it’s important to follow routine maintenance procedures, by checking your home carefully for … Continue reading

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Say What ?

Did you know a Townhome is actually a Condominium !  It’s true ! Yes, a condo is a condominium and so is a townhouse.   Say whaaaaat?   This is not some form of double-speak or a special way of communicating Realtor-ese.   You … Continue reading

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Vacancies on the Up-Swing

The fall season is set to hand Vancouver landlords their biggest advantage over renters in years, according to a new report. Tenants can expect to battle for rental units this fall, as the vacancy rate in that expensive city slips … Continue reading

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