Hey Check It Out !

Every parent is in need of educational material that is readily available in their home. Especially if it is the type of material where supervision is minimal.

Check out the web site http://kidshealth.org/kid/.

At first read you may feel your child will find it boring or just plain uninteresting in comparison to the WII or X-Box, but take the time to look and try it before you dump on the idea.

The site is interactive in so much that your child can text or select videos which show the viewer via animation just how each body part works and in a language they can relate to. The video demonstrates what value each body part has in relation to their entire physicality and how they can protect it so that it stays healthy. This web site may just bring out the little physician in each of them or at least develop a thirst in later years to pursue the sciences.

The site even offers proven recipes that kids can make, like how to make “Awesome Applesauce”, “Berry Tasty Muffins” or “Blueberry Oatmeal Squares”. Everything is guaranteed tasty and healthy for their growing bodies.

With the busy lives we all share today, teaching our children how to cook, even at a young age, is a wholesome way to instill independence and the mechanics they need later in life to become self-confident and self-sufficient.

There is even a section that deals with “Illnesses & Injuries” and will teach your child the effects of a mosquito bit, the fact that it is only the female mosquito that bites (did you know that) and why they need our blood. But better yet, it will teach your child how to clean the bitten area, and that putting “some calamine lotion on it will help stop the itching”.

There is so much negative material on the computer today that counter-acts all the positive things we attempt to instill in our children, that for us to provide entertainment sites such as this, that is healthy and educational, is in my opinion, time well spent.

Well, have yourself a wonderful day and remember, the day will come when you will stop and ask yourself, “How did my little baby grow up so quickly.”


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